Miches is a municipality of the Dominican Republic, located in the province of El Seibo. Its name honors the memory of General Eugenio Miches, one of the heroes of the Dominican Restoration.

It is located on the Atlantic coast of the northeast of the country. It also sits between the northern slopes of the Eastern mountain range and the southern shore of the Samaná Bay, with an abundance of tropical and marine forests of unusual beauty.

As part of the Atlantic Coast, #Miches has a large number of nearby beaches considered one of the best in the country, on whose coasts there are abundant coconut and almond trees. Along kilometers of white beach, you can enjoy a sea with calm and turquoise waters.

Mangroves, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, caves complement an offer of spectacular natural beauty. The town of Miches is very cozy and exhibits a great promenade from where you can enjoy the sea breezes or enjoy the unique local cuisine.

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Points of interest


Arriving at Miches means having the opportunity to visit places of extraordinary appeal. If you come along the El Seibo-Miches highway, you will have the opportunity to see the impressive views of the Miches beaches and a stunning panoramic view of the Samaná Bay. If you visit us on the Punta Cana-Miches-Sabana de la Mar highway, you will have the opportunity to get close to Montana Redonda, the cradle of mythological swings and of witches who touch the sky with their prodigious brooms. From there, you can observe the Laguna Redonda nature reserve and protected area, as well as Laguna Limón. Do not forget to enjoy the gastronomy of the Loma Redonda restaurant and do not leave without trying their coconut candy. From Nisibon to Sabana de la Mar you will discover an impressive natural world: from virgin beaches like Playa Esmeralda. Limón, Playa Arriba lagoons for kayaking, bays like Bahía La Gina with mangroves and their marine diversity or spaces for diving La Media Luna, a natural saltwater pool. Along the same road, after passing through Miches, you will discover La Gina, Las Canitas among other towns, and arrive at Sabana de la Mar in the province of Hato Mayor, the usual point of contact and departure for boats to Samaná and the natural landscapes of the Haitises, an exceptional geological formation of small hills where you will find spectacular caves full of Taino hieroglyphs.

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How to get there?

· If you are coming from Santo Domingo, you have several options: Take the Autopista de las Américas, pass the Punta Caucedo international airport, enter the Autovía del Este and take that right to Punta Cana. And take the Punta Cana-Miches highway. Sabana de la Mar.

· There is another way: take the Autovía del Este, when you get to San Pedro de Macorís double in the direction of Hato Mayor and when you get to Hato Mayor take the Hato Mayor-El Seibo highway. Upon arrival in Seibo, shortly after entering that city, you will find the Seibo-Miches highway and drive straight to Miches.

· If you are in Hato Mayor, you can also take the Hato Mayor-Sabana de la Mar highway to Sabana de la Mar and drive about 40 kilometers to Miches.

· Muelle de Miches: an excellent access road to arrive by sea, whether you are in Sabana de la Mar, Samaná, Nisibon, Uvero Alto, Punta Cana.

· When you arrive in Miches, you will find companies specialized in inland transportation, as well as various marine excursions.

Crafts in Miches and on the Atlantic Coast

Throughout the Atlantic Coast you can get handicrafts in coconut, horn, wood, Taino art and coconut art, embroidery, handbags embroidered in thread. You can get wooden boats and the local artisans mainly work with coconut. There are artisan associations in La Gina and El Cedro.

The Miches craft fair meets weekly near the Miches dock.


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The traveler looking to stay in Miches will find a varied hotel offer. The La Loma hotel owes its name to its location. It is located on a hill that allows a spectacular view of the town of Miches and the bay of Samaná. It is made up of various villas.

The Orfelina hotel is located in the center of Miches a few meters from the beach. On its side, Brisas del Rio, combines a natural environment of river and sea with comfortable rooms. The Jimmy, Digna, Mazara and Atabey hotels are also city hotels. Hotels have comfortable rooms, usually with fans, air conditioning and television.

The La Loma hotel is located on a hill overlooking the bay and the town. It is a comfortable hotel composed of villas. On its side, Orfelina is a mid-priced city hotel in the city center. Brisas del Rio is a city hotel, basically comfortable rooms equipped with air and fan. The Jimmy hotel is a hotel with double and single rooms with air conditioning and fan facilities. The Digna hotel has double and triple villas with ocean views. The Atabey is in the center of the city, it has a swimming pool, double rooms, and a swimming pool. The Mazara hotel has rooms with air and fans. Prices are around 500 to 1200 pesos a night. Cocoloco exhibits 10 villas, in front of the Miches beach, with a restaurant, the price is around 1,900 pesos per night.

Miches Restaurants

Miches exhibits varied gastronomy. The emphasis, of course, is on seafood: fish, crabs, shrimp, prawns, octopus, oysters, tilapias … The visitor to Miches will find a rich and varied gastronomic offer: For example, the Al Coco restaurant offers seafood, fish, shrimp, and crabs, and also Creole food. Jackeline Asaderos offers seafood of all kinds, shrimp, lambi, fish, they serve fried or roasted chicken, steamed fish, and all kinds of rice. Dona Italia sells Creole food: herring, yams, cod, crab dough, fish, pork, and beef. This is the restaurant with the longest gastronomic tradition in Miches. Orfelina is a hotel and restaurant. The restaurant offers seafood soup, salpicón, grilled fish, pork loin, among others. Rajanoris, an a la carte menu with a wide range of seafood, pizza, Creole food in all its diversity. In Miches a special offer of seafood and fish is organized every weekend, known as the Festival del Sabor Marino.

Religious services

If you are in Miches for a weekend, you can attend the various Catholic and Protestant churches that exist on the Atlantic Coast. In Miches, you can bond with God in the San Antonio parish. In nearby places like La Gina, Las Canitas, Sabana de la Mar there are also Catholic churches, as well as Protestant temples.


From Miches, the traveler can organize excursions to different places on the Atlantic Coast. You can travel to Loma Redonda, have the experience of a gastronomic excursion in El Cedro, do the Rice Route that begins in a rice factory in La Gina and ends in El Limón Beach, you can travel on horseback, bicycle or motocross the hills that lead to the lagoons or you can embark and tour the entire coastline on the Cavia Tours excursion that will allow you to see the impressive seascapes and the natural pool of Media Luna.