vacation rentals
0 $

per 366 days

  • Upload up to 5 places
  • pictures and videos of the place
  • Social Media promotion 1 time a month
  • location of place
  • Ai assistant Reservation
Vacation rentals advance
99 $

per 30 days

  • Upload up to 15 places
  • social media Network
  • pictures and videos support
  • Place Location
  • Ai Assistant
  • Ads on Social Media
  • customers support

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post your apartment, condo, or villa today. And get clients booking instantly.

Frequently asked questions

 How will I receive my payment?

you will get paid your income directly deposited to your bank account or direct deposit on Paypal. every week.

 How do I update or extend my availabilities?

depends on your affiliation program, you may have limited access. but this does not stop you from upgrades as today. you will see all details on your program and see the difference.

How do I upload services?

Register independently or create an agency account. Either way, there are never any fees. With a simple step on the process after 24h, you should be validated then your account will be qualified by our team to start promoting your services and start seeing the clients coming around you.

How do I increase the conversion rate?

to do so, you need to contact our team and we will be happy to assist you today with that experience. we are here to help.